General Cannabis is the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of business and consumer cannabis brands– delivering high quality product to consumers, and services that help businesses succeed.


You can’t fake wisdom—you have to earn it—and there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Between our seasoned management team and our board of directors, we know business. We are the steady, stable hand at the wheel, driving the industry toward a higher standard of quality, professionalism and consistency. But what makes General Cannabis truly special is we’re more than just that. We are fueled by spirited entrepreneurs who bring our mission to life with a sense of get-up-and-go. And it’s this unique mix of professionalism and passion that sets General Cannabis apart in the industry.


We do things by the book at General Cannabis. We are transparent and honest and fair. We are publicly traded in the U.S., and our SEC filings are as thorough and straightforward as a $4B company. We are governed by a truly independent board of directors, and we value brutal honesty at our company. In an industry that is often more sizzle than steak, we stand out by showing our work and operating above board and with integrity in everything we do, because our investors, customers and subsidiaries deserve better.

Better Happens Here

A few things happen when you become a General Cannabis company. First, you’re immediately supported by the industry’s smartest, most experienced back-office services. This strips away the distractions and allows you to get back to being an entrepreneur. Second, you’re given a roadmap to success by our seasoned leadership team, empowering you to grow your business to its full potential. Third, your brand is instantly lifted by the General Cannabis name and reputation, validating to the rest of the industry and your customers that you are for real. And most importantly, your business—and your dream—is given every opportunity to flourish. We know what it takes to win in business, and we will help you thrive.

Synergy as a Service

At our core, General Cannabis is a growth company, always on the lookout for strategic opportunities to become bigger, better and stronger through acquisition and investment. But it takes a lot more than just a good idea or a charismatic entrepreneur to attract our attention. We must see a path to profitability. We want to see a fighting spirit from the entrepreneur running the company. And, because it’s important to us, we won’t take on partners or employees who aren’t ready to put in the work. Because we’re setting a new standard in cannabis, and not everyone will make the grade.


As a publicly traded, well-capitalized company, General Cannabis offers its customers and partners a unique proposition: Stability. In a volatile industry like ours, access to capital can often be the difference between winning and losing, and between a rapid path to profitability and none at all. By working with General Cannabis, our companies and customers can rest assured that our lights will be on tomorrow, and long into the future.

Get to know our family of brands

At SevenFive Farm, we pride ourselves on growing the 2nd best cannabis in Colorado (since everyone else claims to have the best).  In our hybrid greenhouse, we give detailed attention to each cultivar and strain, working to enhance the Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids to the peak of perfection.


Brand Promise

Only General Cannabis combines the legitimacy and expertise of our seasoned leadership team, the stability that comes from being well- capitalized, the strategic advantage of “synergy as a service,” and the spirited passion of our entrepreneurs to create a long-term roadmap for cannabis industry success.

A Sound Investment

The cannabis industry is littered with financial opportunities, but not all are created equal. General Cannabis and our subsidiary partners bring proven experience, legitimacy, reliability and authority to the industry. We are smart with our investments, we’re detailed in our accounting, and we only partner with those who share our vision for a higher standard of compliance and transparency in the cannabis industry. When you invest in General Cannabis, you’re making a sound decision based on credibility and a proven track record of success—not falling for hype and bravado.