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The Next Big Crop’s mission is to offer top-notch consulting services in an industry that, until recently, has lacked standardization and large-scale agricultural principals.

Who We Are

Next Big Crop joined General Cannabis in 2015, bringing its professional consulting platform to GC.  Formed by Rich Cardinal in 2013, Next Big Crop’s mission is to offer industry leading consulting services in an industry that, until recently, has lacked standardization and large scale agricultural principles.  Next Big Crop offers hands-on experience and proven techniques for each phase of the cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis.  NBC services include business planning, application writing, operations optimization, cultivation management and facility design or expansion.  We offer this knowledge and experience to assist clients in realizing all their business goals.

Cultivation Management

Next Big Crop has the knowledge and experience to implement proven operational procedures, minimizing labor costs and eliminating wasteful practices.  We specialize in using large scale horticultural techniques used in modern agricultural industries.


Next Big Crop has worked within regulated marijuana markets across the country.  Our consultants were active in the shaping of Colorado’s medical and recreational systems, testifying before governing agencies that drafted the regulations.  We understand the requirements related to inventory control, record keeping, seed-to-sale tracking systems, plant counts, patient verification, security surveillance, green waste disposal, and more.

Facility Design

We interface with architects and engineers to create cannabis cultivation facilities with a focus on process flow management, maximizing canopy area and utilizing proven horticultural systems and technology.

Next Big Crop offers its clients full general contractor services as well as options for owner’s representation.  We provide cultivation insight throughout the build process and assist in sourcing and selecting appropriate furniture, fixtures and equipment. By leveraging our purchasing power and current relationships, we are able to pass substantial savings on to our clients.


Next Big Crop has consulted in the preparation and completion of medical marijuana applications in the states of: Colorado (including recreational applications), Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, Maryland and Hawaii.

Drawing from years of hands-on experience in the cannabis industry, Next Big Crop is able to develop operational policies and procedures that will win points in applications and work in practice.

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