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“We came home with our knowledge of how to keep each other safe and we strive to bring that ability to our clients.”

Iron Protection Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Cannabis. IPG provides security and training services to government agencies, multinational corporations, diplomats, dignitaries and non-profit organizations, both domestic and abroad. IPG encompasses all things related to protection, from training individuals in the art of manipulating a firearm, all the way to providing a personal security detail for any of your security needs.

Iron Protection Group is managed and operated by combat veterans, of both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These highly trained individuals have the knowledge of how to keep each other safe and strive to bring that ability to our clients.

Marijuana Store Security

IPG is proud to be the largest cannabis security companies to provide service to the leading medical and recreational cannabis markets in Colorado and California.  It is our goal to provide the safest and most enjoyable environment to conduct business for your employees and customers.  Our guards undergo extensive weapons training, behavioral analysis training and are immersed in an in-depth customer service program because we believe it’s not just about providing a safe work environment, but also adding value by helping to facilitate the sale and improve customer experience.  Our operators remain aware and enforce compliance in all laws and regulations pertaining to their function within your business.

Cultivation Site Security

Every cultivation operation is different from layout to process.  IPG is proficient in the management of both indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation facilities.  We will conduct a thorough site analysis to determine any weak points in the perimeter of your operation, establish likely ingress and egress point, suitable vantage points for observation, patrol routes, and security procedures.  Once all variables have been considered, we will provide a custom solution for your business and the availability to staff guards directly through IPG.

Courier Service

Our licensed, insured and bonded discreet transportation service will ensure that your assets arrive safely and on time. Transport security professionals here at IPG are enrolled in enhanced drivers training, surveillance detection and advanced weapons techniques. Our goal is to maintain a low profile and fulfill all of our clients’ cash and product transportation needs in the safest manner possible.

Site Analysis & Risk Assesssment

Using unique formulas and with an intimate knowledge of the threats posed based on site characteristics, human behavior, and most likely courses of action, we will provide valuable insight on what it takes to keep you, your people, and your assets safe.

Remote Camera Installation & Monitoring

IPG has the capability to set your business up for remote camera monitoring.  We have an experienced team who will be able to bring your cameras online in our headquarters, where one of our operators will be able to monitor them during the times that you cannot.

Other Services

Personnel & VIP Protection Services
Alarm System Installation & Monitoring Service
CCTV System Installation & Monitoring Service
Access Control System Installation
Custom Security Floor Plans (per MED requirement)
Gate/Fencing Installation
Steel Bar Installation
Locksmith Service
Security Consulting
Background Checks

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